The Photography Experiment

4 Photographers, 1 Setting, 1 Hour

“Over the last 20 years, many things about the wedding industry have changed, but one thing that has remained constant is that each new couple that hires me finds themselves overwhelmed by the options available to them and unsure how to narrow down their vendor search. They are usually looking for my professional opinions to guide them.  Planning a wedding is a learning process for most couples. I’m here to help. 

With so many photographers showing beautiful photos on social media, who they’re hiring to document their day is often one of the hardest decisions for couples to make. How can you discern differing styles and what should you look for? How can you possibly know who the best fit is for your wedding?   […]

In order to give some insight into the world of photography, we decided to create an “experiment” to demonstrate how different photographers would each, uniquely, capture the same event.  […]

We chose a beautiful setting – The Parlor at The Pontchartrain Hotel –  with controlled lighting (i.e. no changing outdoor light affecting the room and thus the photographs) and styled a luxurious reception with the help of Mitch’s Flowers, True Value Rental, Gambino’s Bakery, InvitoBella and Earthy Stone Treasures.   

We invited four top-notch photographers to participate in our experiment and each was given one hour to complete a brief shot list we provided. The setting remained the same for each photographer and they were asked to capture the scene in their respective styles. The photographers were asked to bring in whatever lighting and gear they would normally bring to a wedding and edit the images in their style.  […]

See the full feature in New Orleans Weddings magazine Spring 2020 issue or online here.

Photos by The Swansons