The Ultimate Guide To Eco-Friendly, Ethical Weddings:
Part 5, The Final Chapter

The last installation of our Eco-Friendly blog will wrap up this topic with a few items not discussed thus far.  Let’s start with the gorgeous items in the main photo, invitations!

In our eco-luxe editorial for New Orleans Weddings magazine we worked with Eglantine Rose Letterpress to create these beautiful, earth friendly options.  As mentioned in the article:

“Letterpress… is very eco-friendly,” shares Eglantine Rose Letterpress owner Jennifer Vencill.  “It’s printed on antique cast iron presses: each piece is placed into the press one at a time, by an artisan printer.  Because the volume is small, and the level of care is very high, it doesn’t have a lot of waste of materials or resources.  I use about a teaspoon of ink for an invitation suite, and clean up with soy based solvents.  My presses are treadle-powered, so they use no electricity.  I also love that the presses were manufactured in the 1890s and are still going strong.  They are environmentally-friendly by virtue of having been built to last forever.  Handmade paper is also great for eco-conscious brides.  It’s made by small studios, one sheet at a time, from cotton scraps which are offcuts from the garment industry.  It’s tree-free, and is made using what would otherwise be waste.  And cotton papers can be recycled right along with wood pulp papers.  The ribbon we used was cotton muslin, torn into strips.  For the pink color, I hand-dyed it with watercolor.  Muslin is frequently used in fitting clothing patterns, so if a bride is having a dress made from scratch, the seamstress might have scraps of muslin left over.”

Additionally, most printers offer eco-friendly options such as soy or vegetable oil based inks.  If you want to go completely paperless, our client portal makes that easy with a private website for each event where you can share information, room blocks & more with your guests.  From the client portal we can also do electronic RSVP’s for guests to help reduce your footprint even if you do want to send one formal invitation piece in the mail.

Finally, just as we did in our eco-luxe editorial, you can also consider edible options such as macarons (from Grey Bird Baking Co.) or custom beverage branding (from Quianta Treats) for your escort or place cards & other needs.   Better yet, they’re completely vegan & taste amazing!

When it comes to transportation, weddings in New Orleans definitely have an advantage because of our many options.  Taking a streetcar, ferry, pedicab or even walking are all feasible for weddings.  Even if these aren’t possibilities for your event, having a bus for your guests can be a really fun option!  Not only does this keep your guests from driving after drinking or getting lost but it’s also more conscientious than everyone driving separate vehicles.  Many buses can connect to your phone to jam to your playlist during the trip, which also gives you the option to set the mood for your guests as they are transported to the ceremony or reception.  Additionally, you could also use online tools such as Facebook groups or events to help guests coordinate carpooling together from the same areas of town.

Finally, we’ve already covered donating the flowers from your wedding in part 3 of this blog but many couples are also option to make a donation to a charitable cause in lieu of giving their guests favors or are doing a “charity registry” which is available via most online registry services.  These would provide a link to the charities of your choice for guests to make a donation instead of a wedding gift.  With many couples being established independently or living together prior to marriage, many also enjoy this option because they don’t feel they need assistance in setting up their household.  When selecting a charity, think of what means the most to you & your partner and also consider placing a sign at your reception letting guests know about the donation, if you wish.  One of our weddings let guests know they made a donation in honor of an ill family member & by the end of the reception, many guests were so touched that they donated as well.

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